Bird Control: Sorry, Tweety

Caw caw. There’s one sound a farmer or gardener wouldn’t want to hear- the sound of a crow. Although they may look majestic flying in the air, birds can become annoying and destructive pests if left alone or in large numbers. Birds may eat your crops or plants, ruining your garden or field. One type of bird in particular, the woodpecker, can cause severe damage to the structure of your home and basically make really annoying, loud sounds. Perhaps the biggest problem bird pests pose is the consequences of their droppings. Bird droppings are transmitters for a myriad of diseases and can also corrode rooftops, balconies, etc. Droppings can also hinder progress on a building project or reconstruction. Overall, birds definitely have great potential to be dangerous, immediate concern pests.

In order to protect your home from unwanted birds, you can use several different tools. You may choose to use a repellent, but it will most likely smell unpleasant. Low-odor repellents will also work well, but they have to be re-applied frequently if you have particularly heavy bird traffic. If you want a non-chemical way to repel birds, a bird spike may be what you’re looking for! Bird spikes can be placed on rooftops and other areas where pesky birds are landing. With any of these choices, please be prudent with where you place them, as desirable guests will also be deterred.

The Difference Between Drain Flies and Fruit Flies

Drain flies and fruit flies are, no doubt, really, really annoying pests. Like any fly in general, both drain and fruit flies are commonly found in areas that we inhabit, making them quite the nuisance. However, how would you tell which fly is bothering you? Yes, their names imply that drain flies will be found in drains and fruit flies will be found near fruit, but both species can wander off and bother you in your room or outdoors.

Drain flies, when viewed from above, are triangular in shape and also appear fuzzy and hairy. Fruit flies, on the other hand, usually look yellow and have red eyes (but not always!). Fruit flies also resemble typical flies in the sense that they have narrow bodies and wings. Both flies can actually be found in drains; fruit flies are more typically found in kitchen drains though.

Remember, the best way to prevent these pests from reproducing and settling down in your home is to be clean! Throw away any spoiled food and clean out your drains regularly! Also clean any moist areas such as under your washer so that flies cannot settle there!