Grasshoppers vs. Katydids: Spot the difference!

Have you ever seen a katydid before? Although you may not have heard of one before, you probably have seen at least one! Katydids are relatively common in America, but they are more widely found in tropical regions around the world. People often mistake katydids for grasshoppers since the two look similar. In actuality, the katydid is actually more closely related to the cricket.

So then,  how would you tell the difference between a grasshopper and a katydid? Well, there are several key distinguishing factors.

Katydids have much longer antennae than grasshoppers; katydids antennae may exceed their own body length.Katydids’ bodies are typically rounder in shape than grasshoppers’.Katydids have tiny wings on their sides that distinguish them from both grasshoppers and crickets.

Admittedly, there aren’t very many methods to discriminate between a katydid and a grasshopper, but once you actually see one, you’ll easily be able to identify what it is.

My Friend Harrison the Leaf – Legged Bug

I actually caught a boxelder bug today, named him Harrison.  Well, I’m actually not sure if he is a he, but I have a tendency to name all my bugs with male names.
I can try to post pictures of him later, but I was so amazed at how big he is! Initially, I thought he was a Boxelder Bug. Boxelder bugs actually have similar shape but have a lot more color on their outer bodies and so I just assumed that he was an extremely mature Boxelder bug because of his dark brown color.

The bug I caught is actually not a Boxelder Bug but a Leaf-Legged Bug.

The boxelder bug and leaf – legged bug are actually in the same family and are very similar.  Other bugs that are commonly mistaken as the boxelder bug is the milkweed bug

As you can see, the Milkweed bug and the Boxelder bug look almost identical.  The differences are mainly their preference of food, the places they are more commonly found and also the patterns of the red color on their outer bodies are different.  The patterns are key to identifying between the Milkweed and the Boxelder bug.

These bugs all come from the group of bugs that are called Lygaeoids.  This group also includes the the chinch bug and the long-necked seed bugs.

SO, actually, Harrison is not a Boxelder bug, but hes a Leaf-legged bug 😀