For starters, unlike the other ants we know of, fire ants don’t bite. The creatures sting but then mosquitoes don’t bite either and yet we call what they subject to us mosquito bites. Anyway, whether you call the fire ant bites stings or bites, fact remains, when the fire ants attack you, you can positively see yourself with a few serious complications on your hands. As you most probably already know, fire ants sting using their pinchers to provide them with the grip they need. They then proceed to sting you from their abdomen and inject into your skin, a toxic alkaloid venom called solenopsin.

The first thing to do when you suspect a few fire ant bites on your skin

If you got yourself stung by fire ants, without losing a split second, rush to your washroom and scrub the area concerned with soap and warm water. If you can find it in your home, try applying a fire ant remedy to the stung area. Many people don’t know this but fire ant bites cannot be treated just by washing with water for the simple reason that 95% of the toxins injected by fire ants are non-soluble in water. To effectively get rid of the solenopsin of the fire ants, you will need to massage the fire ant bites with something that will neutralize the venom because you want to flush out as much of the toxins as possible.

Remedies for fire ant bites

In general, if you suspect you have been subjected to fire ant bites, you will need to undertake a few remedies. In general, it is acknowledged that taking an antihistamine such as Benadryl helps prevent allergic reactions and swelling. So after washing the strung area, you can just pop one of these pills in your mouth. Alternatively, you can also choose to soak the fire ant bites in a warm infusion of water together with 3 cups of 20 Mule Team Borax. Many people are known to use alcohol for fire ant bite relief. There is no evidence to support the fact that alcohol helps neutralize the venom of the fire ant bites.

How to prevent fire ant bites

fire ant bites can be exceptionally nasty causing severe reactions such as chest pain, slurred speech as well as serious swelling and nausea. Ideally, to prevent fire ant bites, you should avoid the causative agents of the pain, the troublesome fire ants. Scientists suggest that fire ants particularly despise talcum powder so dusting yourself and your shoes with talcum powder can help keep the fire ants off you. However, this is hardly a practical method of controlling the fire ants in your home. For effective fire ant control, you will need to eliminate the pests in your home using an appropriate insecticide such as Suspend SC or even Termindor SC. No fire ants is the similitude of no fire ant bites. As simple as that.