I recently did some research on fleas and thought I’d share some tidbits that some people may not know!

Did you know??

The common dog or cat flea that you find in your home in America is PROBABLY the CAT flea – there are over 200 known species of fleas and actually, the dog flea is a rare find in America. They’re common in Europe, but in America, the cat flea is the most common flea that is found on both cats and dogs!

Many people think that the Bubonic plague was initially transferred from rats. Rats did carry the disease, however, fleas were the main vector for the Bubonic plague or more commonly known as the Black Death. They are STILL a vector for diseases.  So, if you come across an infestation of fleas, you need to take the correct steps to control the infestation.

Fleas are wingless insects.  They may seem like they are flying, but their bodies are built with extremely strong hind legs that allow them to jump up to even 20 times their own height!

The larvae of fleas can remain dormant in their cocoon for several months.  They hide deep inside the carpets and areas like that and emerge from their cocoons when they feel like a host is near. A lot of people who bring pets home from the shelter may find a sudden infestation of fleas after bringing them home and blame the dirty shelter for having fleas. However, it was probably the fact that the fleas had finally emerged from their cocoon when they felt a nearby host to feed on.

Many pet owners believe that if they vacuum thoroughly enough, they will be able to get rid of fleas.  Fleas can actually continue to reproduce in the vacuum bag. If you do vacuum up the fleas, you must be sure to seal the bag very tightly.

These are just some interesting facts.  Fleas don’t just feed on cats and dogs but are known to bite people too.  They can be a great nuisance and can harm your pets by giving them skin diseases and even tapeworms.  They should be controlled immediately. Exterminators can come control your fleas, but I’ve found some “do it yourself” products on several websites that offer the same control products that professionals use.