Personally, I’m TOTALLY scared of spiders and honestly, even doing this blog and having to look at pictures and stuff totally grossed me out. Even though its scary, I wanted to share effective preventative measures so that spiders stay out of the home.

So, spiders actually do not seek human contact. As a matter of fact, you may have heard that they are beneficial to our environment because they eat off other bugs that may be a pest in your home area. They only bite as a defense mechanism when they feel threatened and only a few species of spiders bite with venom that can kill you. If they don’t seek human contact, why do they come inside the house? Its most likely that they’ve followed their prey indoors.  Signs of spiders in the home will be their webs.

The first preventative measure will be to keep them outside by treating the outsides of your home.  Lining the edges with liquid insecticide and outside of the window frames will be a first step of treatment. Also, you should get rid of outdoor webs.  Webs are where spiders catch prey, rest – its their shelter. If you get rid of the web, they have to create another. If a spider has to re-create too many webs, they’re going to find a new area to nest in, away from your home. Also, maintaining plant life, bushes, shrubs, and mulch a few inches away from your house, so that they don’t touch the walls of the home, is a good preventative measure.

Keep the inside of your home as clean as possible. Spiders love corners, places to hide, cracks and crevices, and so clutter and messes will be attractive to them. Also, getting rid of webs in the corners of your home is also a good step to indoor removal. Liquid insecticides that are safe to use indoors is also useful. You spray the edges of window sills, door frames, or any entry point. You should also seal and spray any cracks or crevices that will be an entry point for insects and their predator – house spiders. Another place that is attractive to spiders are boxes that hold memorabilia. Its suggested that cardboard boxes aren’t used. Instead, use plastic boxes with lids that are tight fitting.

Eliminating attractive areas from the get go and keeping them from coming inside the home will be the most effective preventative measure.