Controlling fleas can be the most frustrating thing for us to do. Once you know how fleas live and reproduce, however, you can wipe them out and prevent reinfestation completely and easily.

Flea Life Cycle 101

Fact #1

Fleas spend 99% of their adult life on the dog or cat. They do not jump from dog to dog, or drop off of a cat to digest a meal before jumping on another cat. They prefer a permanent residence. They do not stay on humans.

Fact #2

The fleas support mechanism and outer body is called an exoskeleton and is composed of chitin (pronounced “ki-ten”). Every time a flea grows or molts it must produce chitin in order to do so. Also, for a flea larva (baby flea) to hatch out of an egg it must have an egg tooth composed of chitin in order to do so.

Fact #3

Although an adult flea can live for only 6 months, a flea egg or pupae (flea in a cocoon) may stay in the environment for many months waiting for ideal conditions to emerge.

The products we recommend for optimal flea control are Program Flea Control, Advantage Flea Control, and Siphotrol Plus Premise Spray. Any of these products may be used alone to achieve flea control, but used together; they provide a powerful flea elimination system. Program Flea Control keeps fleas from laying eggs that will hatch. Advantage Flea Control kills adult fleas on the pet and Siphotrol Plus Premise Spray controls fleas in the environment.

Step 1: All cats and dogs need to be on Advantage™ Flea Control for the first 4 months. In effect, your pet will act as a flea-killing machine when Advantage™ is applied monthly as directed

Step 2: Siphotrol Plus Premise Spray™ should be used on the pet’s bedding and locations where they spend a lot of time. Also, spray under furniture and areas out of direct light. Tile or linoleum does not need any spray; the flea eggs will dry out. One or two applications two weeks apart will be enough.

Step 3: All dogs and cats are place on Program™ Flea Control once a month, given with a full meal. This should be continued as long as you desire flea control and prevention. Doing this will insure that even if your pet picks up some fleas somewhere, your house or yard will not become infested as a result of it.

These steps will work 100% of the time if all pets are on the Program™ Flea Control year round, the Advantage™ Flea Control is used for the first four months, Siphotrol Plus Premise Spray™ is used at the start of treatment, and all pets are kept inside or in a fenced in area. If a pet is allowed to travel outside the fenced in area or house, then they would need Advantage™ applied every month for complete control.