Mr. Frank, the House Mouse

Its getting cold outside and all the insects are slowly disappearing…

Last year we had a secret guest in our house no one knew about until he started making himself comfortable around our home. During the day there were no traces of this mouse. But when the clock hit 12 he would scurry out in search for food.

Being an animal lover, I did not want to use poison or set traps that could possibly hurt the tiny rodent, so I used glue boards. It took a couple of tries to catch him, but eventually I caught him and named him Mr. Frank (:

I’ve tried live traps too, but they seemed to take way too long. Honestly I think glue boards worked the best for me. Once Mr. Frank got caught on the glue board we drove a couple miles down and let him go in the woods where he could hide.

An easy way to safely take the mouse off the glue board with out touching or hurting him is to pour some vegetable oil along where the mouse’s body meets the glue board and gently shake him off.

A New Horror Unleashed: The Jumping Cockroach

The most disgusting, feared pest has a new additional to its already too expansive family: the jumping cockroach. This grasshopper wannabe was discovered in South Africa in 2006 and has since been named one of the top 10 new species of 2011- ugh! The jumping cockroach, nicknamed “leaproach,” is capable of jumping distances significantly longer than its own height; I shudder just imagining it! However, I think you and I can both admit that this insect is actually pretty peculiar in an evolutionary aspect. What conditions spurred the cockroach to develop this skill and body shape? It’s quite the mystery.