Fleas will attack humans. It’s so annoying! I’m sure there are plenty of people who share my agony of flea bites. Fleas often prefer cats or dogs as hosts. Most fleas we deal with in the states are feline fleas but they like dogs as well as cats.

A Flea

What you’re going to notice is that there is usually just one (or two people) in the household that the fleas seem to go after while the others are ignored. It is because we all have a different scent we give off and some peoples’ scent attracts fleas more. Consequently, they are going to attack that individual. However, if a pet cat or dog is sitting right next to them, obviously they would go after the animal first. Usually the reason why people are getting attacked by fleas is because the pet has been removed from the premise. Relocating your pet(s) leaves only you and your family and friends as potential targets.

When you have fleas on you, the very first thing you should do is take off your clothes and directly insert them into your washer. Not into the hamper where the infestation can spread and contaminate the others. Afterwards, hop right into the shower. Wash thoroughly. The water does not have to be super hot, just be sure to use a lot of soap. Go ahead and shampoo your hair as well (do it twice to be sure).

Be Sure to Wash Thoroughly! 🙂

You often hear about soap killing fleas but not a lot of people know why it’s so effective. Well, here’s why…

Almost all insects have a waxy coating. The soap can dissolve the wax. This then leaves fleas exposed.  When the wax is completely dissolved, flea can possibly dehydrate and they become more vulnerable to normal parasites that usually go after them. Another thing it does is that it can clog their breathing tubes. Unlike humans, fleas do not have lungs. Fleas breathe utilizing little tubes that are directly connected to their blood stream all throughout their exoskeleton. If you plug up those tubes, they’re basically going to suffocate. But most likely, majority of the fleas will drown in the shower because the same breathing tubes will be covered with water.  So that should take care of it.