Thanks for sticking around to read this follow-up post! So, I mentioned yesterday that I would list out some brown recluse spider infestation preventative measures. Since recluse bites are so severe and dangerous, it is essential to protect yourself from them!


Most brown recluse bites happen because a person accidentally puts on clothes that a recluse has decided to rest in. When the clothes are put on and the spider pushed against the skin, the brown recluse simply follows its instincts and bites. For this reason, one of the best preventative measures is to check your clothes, shoes, gloves, etc before putting them on. Move away any clutter underneath your bed and detach your bed from any walls. Also, when transporting cardboard boxes, take precaution of any folds or holes in the boxes, as the spiders favor those areas.


Like any other pest, a brown recluse spider can only get indoors through entry points. If you install tight-fit screens on your windows, yellow light bulbs in your home, and seal any cracks or crevices, then you will decrease the probability of a brown recluse, or any pest for that matter, being able to enter your home. Also tape/seal any holes or openings on cardboard boxes and store away any other items in airtight, non-porous containers.


All I can really say for this one is “keep your house clean, tidy, and uncluttered, indoors and out!”


You can use any of the methods I mentioned in my last post, such as liquid insecticides and glue traps. If you want to a bit more “traditional,” you can use a vacuum to suck up any of the spiders or eggs that you see or a fly swatter/shoe to smack the pests.

Good luck in protecting your house from these creepy crawlers! Hopefully, this protective barrier will act as the ideal pest control method!