I’m sure you remember the pill bug, or rather, the rolly polly; they are the little bugs you used to play with as a kid by poking them until they rolled up into a little ball. These fun little bugs don’t hold that same appeal to adults, especially since they are considered a pest (sad, I know). Rolly pollies act as cleaners, in a way. They feed on decomposing or dead plant matter as well as waste and mold. Consequently, some people will stick some pill bugs into their pet tarantulas’ cages to act as cage cleaners; the pillbugs then eat the waste, mold, and leftovers in the cage. Because they are living creatures and do need to eat frequently to survive, pill bugs will move onto living plants if they cannot find any other source of decomposing matter.

Consequently, pill bugs, especially in large numbers, can become a huge nuisance and a gardener’s worst nightmare! Pill bugs are particularly found of moist soil, meaning that they will show up in larger numbers when your plants are nicely watered! Keep in mind though that the main reason pill bugs are thought of as pests is because people don’t like bugs in general; in terms of actual potential damage, pill bugs barely make an impact. If you do happen to have a bad pill bug infestation that you insist on eliminating, you can first start off by providing the bugs another food source such as mulch to deter them from your plants. Pill bugs will only eat living plants if they have absolutely nothing else to eat; healthy plants to pill bugs are like brussel sprouts and veggies to kids- they don’t want to eat it! If providing mulch does not help, then you can resort to using chemical products such as Talstar Pro, Bifen Granules, D-Force HPX, Cyper WP, etc. The granules are for outdoor use only!