The weather’s been getting colder and even though most pests are already in hibernation before the winter season begins, other pests may start to find shelter inside your home because of the cold temperatures.  So this means that for some pests, just because it’s getting colder, it doesn’t mean that they are inactive inside and around your homes!

Here are some pests that stay active during the winter season:

Rodents (mice and rats in particular) will become extremely busy once the winter season begins. Actually, the house mouse may be the most common pest in and around homes and businesses all over the world. They become a problem in the home because they cause major damage by chewing on wires, eating and contaminating your food, and with the season rolling around, they can even damage nice holiday decorations. Not only do they cause damage to your home and businesses, but they are one of the most common vectors of disease that is spread to humans.

Cluster flies are common pests that are found in homes.  Many people are unaware that they are even able to stay alive during the winter season, however, these bugs are overwintering bugs.  They are the most active during the warm seasons, however, they may find shelter in warm areas like your attic and wall void areas. They are triggered by the warm weather and active during warm spells in the winter or when the spring season arrives and so cluster fly infestations may become overwhelming when they all emerge at once.

Like cluster flies, Ladybugs find shelter inside the home and hibernate in homes to avoid the cold.  They will hibernate and become a nuisance once the spring season rolls around. They don’t particularly cause any major problems except for their presence, however, their presence in great numbers can become a nuisance inside of the home.

Other plant eating bugs will come in the home like the Ladybug and the Cluster fly to avoid the cold. These bugs include the Boxelder bug or different species of Stink bugs.  They are usually noticeable once they get inside of the home because of their large size, however, they don’t harm people and are not known to cause damage to furnishings inside of the home.

Silverfish love humid and hot areas.  Even though they may seem like there are heavier infestations in the home during the warmer season, despite the cold weather, they thrive near warm water pipes and may commonly be found in the bathroom tubs and sinks.

Common pests like cockroaches, ants, and spiders are a problem year round.  They’re on a constant search for food and a nesting area even during the coldest months of the winter season.

The best thing to do for these overwintering pests is exclusion.  That means it is to keep them out before they can even come in. Sealing up all entry points like cracks and crevices and using residual chemicals or repellents in areas that can not be sealed are the most effective ways to PREVENT infestation before it happens.