Although silverfish tend to be mild and relatively low-nuisance pests, they can become rather large problems if left alone over time. These fish doppelgangers actually pose no threat to us humans, but are dangerous to our stuff. Due to their preference for starchy foods, silverfish love to munch on anything from glue, paper, and carpet to even hair and dandruff! Can you even imagine what that would be like, to find a silverfish munching on the dandruff in your hair? Yikes. I guess that’s one way to motivate yourself to get rid of dandruff asap! As if their diet wasn’t extensive enough, silverfish also will eat linen, cotton, and even leather or synthetic fibers if they get hungry enough. That means that if you have a silverfish infestation, you can say goodbye to your clothes, books, carpet, and home’s clean appearance.

So what can you do to get rid of these pesky silverfish? Well, if you only see one or two every now and then, the quickest and least expensive thing to do would probably be to just squish them, as gross as that may sound. If a stomp once in a while won’t do the job, then you can a liquid insecticide around the areas where you see the bugs. If you purchase a wettable powder or micro-encapsulated pesticide, then it will have a longer residual time so you don’t have to worry about re-applying it every month. You can also use dust insecticides to treat silverfish, especially since they like areas with excess moisture, which you most likely won’t get in contact with often. If you need a pesticide for areas such as around your bed or sink, then you can use an aerosol, although they have shorter residual times.

In terms of the lowest cost but still efficient silverfish control method, I would recommend Dekko Silverfish Packs or glue traps. They seem to be pretty popular among a variety of different people. The silverfish packs contain poison that the silverfish will ingest by chewing through the envelopes of the packs. The glue traps will immobilize the silverfish and catch multiple ones on one trap for quick, easy disposal.

Whichever control method you decide to use, just keep in mind that silverfish are nothing to freak out about! They are very slow reproducers and even slower developers. If you only see a few periodically, there should be no need to purchase a bunch of chemicals to kill them off.